January 17, 2022

Integrating Mailchimp for the World’s largest Half Marathon

A big part of the key to successful communication is target your audience. A customer that get’s a message that isn’t interesting for him will probably be very unhappy. Getting it wrong can be expensive in the long run.

One of our clients, Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, made us aware of how awkward it was to get customer data from one system to the other for feeding their newsletter provider, Mailchimp, with correct data. And when something is difficult and involves many manual steps, the probability of it being wrong is high. Together we made a plan for connecting their registration system with Mailchimp, directly coupled through bidirectional API’s, handling both registrations and unsubscribes.

So, from now, the World’s largest half marathon have much less problems with keeping their data up to date and communication is much easier and can be better segmented for targeted audiences.