Custom Watch Faces and Apps for Garmin Watches

Do you want to have something truly unique for your race, your company or your sports club? To promote your event, market your company to active and dedicated possible future employees or just to have something cool to talk about?

If so, you should create a watch face, or a widget, for the numerous worldwide users of Garmin’s watches and wearables.

The Watch Face is the app that displays time, but it can display other types of information as well. This includes, but is not limited to, data collected by the device such as daily step count, floors ascended, distance covered or device info such as e.g. battery status. Apart from this standard data, the watch face can of course display almost anything you can think of.

The Widget is an app that is loaded on demand. One of the widget’s advantages is that it normally doesn’t show the current time which leaves more room on the screen for other data. Another is that is can utilize more of the watch’s power consuming functions such as communicating over the Internet, downloading or uploading data.

Some examples of Garmin apps from Tigertech


Customizable watch face downloaded more than 12,000 times.

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Göteborgsvarvet Countdown

Watch face and widget counting down to one of the largest races in the world.

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Garmin Challenge Herning Countdown

Watch face counting down to the Danish triathlon in Herning.

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Together we can find out what type of app best suits your needs and create magic.