Tailor made IT solutions

Tigertech can take responsibility for building the IT solution you need when you can’t find it “on the shelf”. We agree on a project plan and work closely together to achieve great things.

For the time being we are in the middle of one of those projects, and hope to be able to tell all about it in a near future!

As a sub contractor

There is also the possibility that Tigertech strengthens your team in a project, or for a portion of a project, where the Tigertech’s expertise is needed.

One successful project where Tigertech strengthened the Transpiration team during the spring of 2021 is the production of an app for one of Marathongruppen’s race series called Vårruset. This project contained, of course, building the app for both iPhone and Android as well as building the backend with administration of app content and the apis between the app and the database.