Virtual racing

Putting on a virtual race is not as easy as one might think. The amount of thought that must be put in to such a race is at least equal to that of an in-person race.

For sure, if you organize a virtual race where the participants are to pay $10, run 10k where ever and when ever they wish and email you their result, you will get a hand full of participants. As you would if you did an in-person race on the same basis, but on a fixed course and on a fixed time of course.

But the really large races, the in-person races that is, offer something more. They offer an experience. They offer something to the runners that they can’t get somewhere else. A virtual race that are to be successful must do the same.

Tigertech have experience from being part of organizing a number of virtual experiences with different technical platforms and can be of assistance from planning the strategy of the race, or experience, to implementing the technology to make it happen.