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Project Type

Integration, video processing, website



May 2023


.NET core, Azure, XZPECT


Göteborgsvarvet is one of the world’s largest half marathons and one of their partners is, an online department store for Fashion, Kids, Sport, Home, and Beauty. They had seen some of the other personalized video activations XZPECT have done, together with Tigertech, and wanted to do something similar as a partner activation at Göteborgsvarvet 2023.

Boozt wanted the videos distributed to the runners by email as soon as possible after finishing the race, the email should contain a poster image for the video and a link to a personal landing page on which they could see and share their video and they also got a personal 20% discount code for one purchase at

Since a lot of their other on course activations took place at Götaplatsen in the city center, that location was already set, a location that at first really didn’t look as the best choice for what we wanted to do. But together with the Göteborgsvarvet crew we found a way to make it happen.


Together with the timing company, est mika:timing, we got all the split points set up and hooked up to their API for receiving results. 8 cameras were set up on site at Götaplatsen for capturing the runners from different angles. In the beginning of the video there are to clips that are based on the gender of the partipant. First, where the runner ties a shoe lace, it’s a blue shoe for men and a pink shoe for woman. And the clip with the bib is first personalized with the wind breaker’s color being dependent on your gender and also with the runner’s first name on the bib.

Tigertech’s primary work in this project was to manage the project between, XZPECT and the race organizer and to build the landing page where the videos were displayed and shared from.

Video sample

This sample is for Daniel, the Team Lead for Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership at Boozt.



29,741 unique videos created over 6 hours


59,983 pageviews of the landingpages, by 32,330 unique visitors


More than 3,000 shares, in total, of the videos


86% open rate of the emails sent to participants