New Balance Iberia


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Activation, Integration, Website


New Balance Iberia


September - December 2022


.NET core, Azure, Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Strava


As an activation for Valencia Marathon, New Balance Iberia, being the shoe and clothing sponsor of the race, wanted to build a bespoke system where a runner’s weekly accumulated distance on Strava was translated into credits that then could be redeemed for breakfasts in two restaurants in Valencia and one in Barcelona.


We created a small website, available in English and Spanish, where a runner very easily could sign up for the challenge and link their Strava account and download a loyalty card to their Apple- or Google Wallet app. Using Strava’s webhook feature, this website was instantly made aware of when a linked runner saved an activity on Strava, and the business logic of the system then calculated the amount of credits to award the runner. This information was then pushed to the runner’s downloaded cards.

The wallet cards were a key element in the function for redeeming breakfasts too. On the card, there was a QR code that the bartender scanned with their phone, leading them to a function on the web site where they could deduct the amount of credits corresponding to the runner’s choice of breakfast. The runner’s card was then immidiately updated with the new credit balance.



32,000 participants worldwide in the Strava challenge


3,700 users, from 51 different countries on the web site


3,400 downloaded wallet cards


3,000 breakfasts served in the three restaurants