New Balance

New Balance 30-in-30 Run

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Strava powered activation


New Balance


Feb-Mar 2024


.NET core, Azure, Strava


New Balance, through their media house, Mediahub Worldwide, wanted to extend a Strava challenge with a web experience in order to present all challenge participants with a shareable and/or downloadable asset describing their way through the challenge. This microsite should also let participants enter a prize draw and upload user-generated content in the form of text, images and video to collect material for upcoming campaigns for New Balance. The challenge was published for 10 European countries and the microsite should be available in English, German, French and Italian.


In great collaboration with Mediahub Worldwide, we created an experience for participants in the Strava challenge, fulfilling all the requirements of the brief and with great UX and UI. After authenticating with Strava, details about the athlete’s sctivities were downloaded and compiled into a summary. We also analyzed the running habits of the athletes and presented them with an avatar, or classification, as a runner. E.g., someone that only ran early in the mornings might have been an Early Bird while someone always running relatively fast could be a Swift Cheetah, and so on.

The data was presented on a personal landing page that could be shared by the athlete and the compiled data could also be downloaded as an image file, easy for the athlete to share to any social media.



417,000 participants in the Strava Challenge


68,000 athletes going through the microsite


9,000 downloads and shares