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Congo River Marathon


June 2023




XXL Energy Congo River Marathon wanted, for the 3rd edition of the race, to distribute the participant information, such as bib number and t-shirt size, to the participants in a way that made it easy to find when at the expo and also was a bit of new thinking.


Tigertech have been developing a SaaS solution for creating and distributing cards for Apple- and Google Wallet and together with Congo River Marathon we agreed this would be a great solution for them, and a soft launch for RunRedeem, which is the name of the service.

Read more about RunRedeem here

Congo River Marathon provided us with a list of the participants containing email address, name, distance, bib number and t-shirt size. This list was imported into RunRedeem, a card was created for each participant and a link to the card was then sent by email to the participant. Following that link, the participant could see their info displayed on a web-based card and, if they wanted to, download and store the card in Apple- and/or Google Wallet.

At the expo, the participant could easily find the informaition needed to collect their bib and race shirt in their digital wallet and didn’t have to search for the info in an overfull inbox.

Using RunRedeem for the 3rd edition of XXL Energy Congo River Marathon was a great way for us to upgrade the participant experience and on the race organization side to simplify the Bib number collection process. The participants enjoyed coming just with their phone and digital card to pick up their race kit.

It was a very smooth process working with RunRedeem, the team was very helpful and flexible of sending cards even to late registration participants. Looking forward to work with RunRedeem for the next edition of Congo River Marathon on June 2, 2024 and also for our other race events throughout the year.

Nancy Bachmann and Rolly Kayumba, Founders of Congo River Marathon



347 cards created and emailed


142 web cards viewed


47 Apple Wallet cards downloaded


53 Google Wallet cards downloaded