TCS Trail

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Project Type

Integration, video processing, website




September 2023


.NET core, Azure, XZPECT


For 2022 TCS Lidingöloppet, TCS, which are the title sponsors of this race, that happens to be the world’s largest cross-country race and since 2022 also awarded with the World Athletics Heritage Plaque by World Athletics, wanted to create a unique experience for the runners where they would be rewarded with a personal video of themselves only minutes after finishing the race.


Another Gothenburg based company, XZPECT, got the task to produce the videos in their bespoke video production system, and Tigertech was contracted to create integrations between this system, the timer (Neptron) and the registration system (Venture). We also got to create a web site for displaying the runners’ landing pages.

In essence, the runners passed through a construction alongside the course, which was optional to do. If they did, timer split points were passed when entering and exiting the activation. This data was sent to the video production system though our integration and data about the runner was stored in a local database. Once a runner’s personal video was done and published to YouTube, the local database was updated though the integration service and the runner’s personal landing page, where they could see their video, was created.

10 days before the race, all registered runners also got a “I am registered”-video sent to them by email and text message, to promote the activation.

Video sample

This sample is for Rickard, bib number 24513. Click the image above to view the video!




More than 20,000 videos produced


32,000 emails sent to participants


11,500 text messages sent to participants


Estimated TCS exposure, including shares on e.g. Facebook and Instagram: 330,000