Digital Transformation for the Endurance Sports Industry


Some of Tigertech's clients

Christine Jæger
Consumer Marketing Manager, Garmin

We have used Tigertech to create custom countdown watch faces for different events in Denmark.

Johan is easy and flexible to work with, as well as knowledgeable about Garmin watches and good at giving advice to reach the best end results.

We are very happy about our cooperation with Tigertech.

Jonas Jacobsson
UX Designer, Visual Digital Editor, Maurten

We had a great experience working with Johan and Tigertech on one of our latest projects. Handling a dynamic and ever-changing scope was not an issue at all and Johan adapted flexibly to our needs, something that was key for us. We could fully rely on Johan to handle the technical architecture and also provide a good source to bounce ideas and solutions. His experience within endurance sports sector also proved very valuable for us.

The overall quality of the project was great and felt very reliable throughout. This allowed us to focus on the features and user experience, knowing that the technical foundation was stable and solid.

It was a breeze working together with Johan and look forward to future collaborations.

Marleen Vink-Rennings
Marketing director NN Running Team

Tigertech is a great partner to have with your sports organization or team. Quick communication, flexible attitude and most importantly good work and quality advice.

We as a marathon team like a long term vision and sustainable events, luckily Tigertech was the perfect partner for this!

Evelina Jarbin
Partnerships Lead, Strava Business

I have had the great privilege working with Johan on several different projects involving Strava and our API. As the CTO at Göteborgsvarvet, he was directly involved in developing a virtual race event using the Strava API as the tracking solution.

Most recently, he's been the developer leading a project to create a team relay event (MA RA TH ON) for Maurten and NN Running Team, also using the Strava API. Each time I've been impressed with Johan's skills as a developer, his thorough understanding of athletes, UX and Strava itself, a combination of abilities which is rare to come across!

Both virtual events have been executed and delivered smoothly, without any issues. I put this down to Johan's ability of preempting any user difficulties and building a slick solution which makes the event sign up process and participation a dream for the participant.

Beyond his technical knowledge and experience, he's also a through and through a really nice guy to work with!

Niklas Karlsson
CEO Transpiration

I’ve been working with Johan on and off for a good 10 years. The main benefits of working with a guy with his mindset is both the pure knowledge in different programming techniques and ease of coming up with new ideas. Always measuring the pros and cons of sticking to the old ways vs inventing something new or going in an entirely new direction.

During the years we have worked together on various types of projects. From in-house jobs where we have made nearly all the decisions ourselves to larger projects mainly specified by the customer. One thing they all have in common though is that in projects with Johan you know you’ll end up with a good result and you’ll have quite fun on the way getting there.